Sunday, February 3, 2013

Adobe Flash Player 11.0 Armv6 for low end device

No Need to Use UC Browser!!
Becoz its working on every thing like stock brower or any other brower also you can play flash games also on galaxy y after installing this!!
So Don't wait. Install and enjoy fully working flash play!!

Tested : 
galaxy fit, galaxy mini, galaxy ace, galaxy gio etc.
Working : 
Should be in all phones, but I have not tried it on another phone, so just try first.
Requirement :
- Rooted
- Have Root Explorer
Step :
1.Download this file download
2.Extract the file ..
3.How To Install and Make it work-Install Adobe Flash Player apk and extract Copy lib folder to sdcard 
4.Now Open Root Explorer and go to sdcard then open lib folder and copy two files.
5.Now go back and open data folder[not in sdcard In phone memory] again open another data folder here you found a folder called "com.adobe.flashplayer"

Like This--

6.Open it then open lib folder now past the two files which was you copied from sdcard
Like this-

 7.Now to make it work like real install flash player we have to set permissions like this-
a)Long press on and set permissions 
 like this-

b)Long press on and set permissions
like this-

 c)Now press back button and long press on lib folder and set permissions
 like this-

d)Last and final step press back button and set permission of com.adobe.flashplayer
like this-

Downloads :


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  1. is not working please help

    1. add https:// before link. It will wrk.

  2. then after that whats next? why is it that whenever i tried to click the flashplayer settings app,I directed to but there's nothing in there? im using opera mobile browser.

    1. It will not wrk with opera mini. Don't try to update it.

  3. After restarting phone file automaticly deleted and it happens every time when i restart my phone

  4. worked like charmed on galaxy y s5302
    love you bawa



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