Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How to Bypass Ad and Downlod File from adf.ly using your mobile

As a visitor, when you click on an adf.ly shortened url, it brings you to an ad page, with a time (in seconds) that counts down to zero.
On a computer, that will not be a problem since the time will surely count down and then display a "Skip ad" button which takes you to the original url when clicked. But it becomes a problem on mobile devices with static browsers as the time will not count down—it'll just remain static. And even when you keep reloading the page, there's only a 10% chance of getting the "skip ad" button.
This problem can now be solved by using a javascript code.

1.When you visit the adf.ly link

2.Go to your address bar and type either of the following javascript codes:
  • javascript:refresh
  • javascript:view
  • javascript:alert(showskipad)
  • javascriptskip:Skip()

3.When you click on the javascript code, it displays the "skip ad" button


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